John Hinderer Honda Powerstore Testimonials

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We pride ourselves on providing our customers with the highest level of customer service. Here's what they have to say.

If I could give six stars I would have. Best experience ever with a dealership. Salesman and manager were awesome. Easy hassle free transaction and authentic service. Called night before around closing and picked up at opening.

Deric Frisbie

Recommended. They've winterized my Honda PWC for many years. Always happy with their service. Good communications from the service department.

David Lockhart

Have purchased several bikes myself and a couple friends have as well from this location. Our sales lady we’ve dealt with was Jess, Whom has been fantastic to work with. Very professional demeanor and attitude. Picked up a new bike today and after about 20 minutes of phone conversation I showed up and was on the road with my new bike within an hour. The entire staff including the sales manager Roger was awesome to work with. Would highly recommend all of them.

Tyler Nelson

Awesome place will be buying all my bikes here from now on!

Michael Holley

2021 Honda CBR1000RR ABS. GREAT service!

Jeffrey Williams

Sales gal was super cool w/0 no pressure very informative. Let me sit on a few sweet bikes... 1st was a '03 honda goldwing trike.. & 2nd was a honda monkey yes i said ( M O N K E Y ) ITS A 125 Model.... & 3rd n best bike was honda rebel nice lower sweet stance way easy to kick my leg over it.... I really liked it but i want to go to a few more dealerships..... She wasn't pushy at all...a very sweet alabama gal !!!!!!!!

Jamie Round

There's nice people there they work will work with you they got good deals and just it was an awesome experience

Rodney Cain

Had a very good transaction there. Thank you Matt for a smooth transaction. Very friendly and personable. Highly recommend.

Jim Hoey

I've been a Hinderer Customer for over ten years and purchased a new Accord in '08. I have always been treated with kindness, dignity & respect and most importantly, my vehicles were maintained properly and cost-effectively. The Service department has always strived to accommodate my needs and exceed my expectations. I would not Hesitate recommending Hinderer Honda to any Customer! It has been a pleasure working with my Service Rep, David Streets and the entire staff!

Craig Washka

They do excellent work in my scooter at a reasonable price and good friendly staff.

Kevin Clark

Friendly and efficient service, along with great products; I highly recommend a visit.

Bryant Thompson

Absolutely incredible place!

I needed help recently and it was like Superman came to my rescue. I started out from Columbus, heading along Route 16, aiming for New Jersey. I got about 40 miles out of Columbus and the bike (a 1993 Honda VFR) slowed and died on the highway. I just made it to an off-ramp in Newark, OH. I pushed the bike to the end of the ramp and sat on a side road. I checked google maps and found a Honda motorcycle shop (Hinderer) just 5 miles away! I called and they came with a trailer to get me. From the moment my bike died to being picked up was about 25 minutes.

They had other bikes to work on but they put mine in the shop and started checking it out. I hung out in the Sales department. The sales department said, "Hey, it might be a while. Why don't you take a Goldwing out for a ride for a couple hours." (Normally, of course, a test ride means once around the block.) So I took the Goldwing out. Rode for about an hour and came back. They didn't try to sell it to me. They just wanted me to enjoy my afternoon while I waited.

It gets better.

The bike was assessed -- turned out the stator was bad, so the battery wasn't getting charged. I had gotten about 40 miles just running off the battery. They didn't have that stator in stock. I could have had them order it but I would have been stranded for a couple days. I had another idea: I could buy a new battery and simply ride the bike back to my starting point in Columbus. I think it might have worked, but the head of service said he hated to see me ruin a new battery that way -- so he had their trailer guy haul me back to Columbus. Free. I paid them a very reasonable fee for their diagnostic work and off we went.

That was all on Friday, June 14. On Saturday I ordered a stator online. On Wednesday, it came and I installed it. And on Thursday I took off again for NJ. Their diagnosis was correct.

The point is, they went FAR above and beyond the call of duty. I can't thank them enough. Service and Sales staff both. Thanks again.

Alan Myers